Saturday, December 08, 2007

I went on a little apiary expedition today. This is how a man made European beehive looks. (Australian native bees and both their natural and artificial hives are very, very different). The bees are swarming because they are panicking due to the ledge having been moved.

1 Queen Bee cell, Drone and food cells

Drones tending to worker bee cells (the blokes do all the work - love it!)

The different colours depict different pollens collected to be used to make food cells (honey!)

Wild hive spotted nearby. Mmmm white gum honey!

Fresh honeycomb. You can eat it all but the preferred method is heating the entire thing, allowing the wax to rise to the top so you can skim it and then eating what's left. For those who are concerned that the bees were robbed, please note that not even a quarter of the hive was accessed and barely a few pounds of honey taken. We respect the bees.

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Mo said...

Nice photos. You wouldn't catch me anywhere near them though, I am terrified of bees!