Friday, December 07, 2007

Coffee & Chocolate Cafe,
Level 1 Queens Plaza ~ Queen Street Mall

Mawning, all!

One of the pleasures of a morning is a well made coffee. The texture, the smell, the temperature, the aftertaste - all are imperative traits when one infuses their body with what is truly a delicacy but has been cheapened by the world of instant powder. And not everyone can make a decent coffee.

But what's so city centric about coffee, you ask? Well when the beans are roasted by Phillip Di Bella, you know you're getting Brisbane's own. Di Bella coffee is now a Brisbane stalwart, resident in its many coffee houses and quickly spreading to other cities (yes, even Melbourne!) Of the blends available, I enjoy the Modena Blend. It's listed as being full bodied with a fruity aftertaste. Hmm...maybe the fruit fell off my tree. For me, it's strong, robust and forceful. Rar.


Kate said...

That is an interesting tray. The heart shape floating on the top is clever. Right now I'd like a steaming cup of chocolate---cold weather here!!

Dusty Lens said...

Almost looks too pretty to drink...I did say almost. ;) I don't understand it, but many people here in the U.S. like their coffee watered down, almost to a tea.

This is something I would enjoy in the morning, then swithc to a triple espresso. The stronger the better, o sugar or milk to spoilthat onderful coffee aroma and taste.

Good morning to you, and thanks for this cup!