Monday, April 14, 2008

An evening on the green.

I'm not sure where the last few weeks have gone - 1st April feels like yesterday. Literally. In the spirit of tardiness, I offer more than one picture for today's posting.

As I roved out this evening down along the bank.

A creek - part of the northside green belt Stafford

Under a sky cut from blue banded agate.

I set forth and observed the traffic.

Northside green belt bike and run path
Stafford into Alderley

Found beautiful flowers that others might think weeds.

northside green belt, Stafford

And an ambush waiting to happen.

Orb Spider waiting in a peri-peri tree
(beneath this web she dangles a leaf in the hope of attracting quarry)
northside green belt, Enoggera
While the quarry looked on.

Fly considers dangling leaf
northside green belt, Enoggera

Before I turned to gaze at more wonderous weeds,

even magic ones..
It's actually a toadstool, folks ;)

and took the short way home.

Treacherous rocks
northside green belt

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