Monday, March 24, 2008

So Treasury

Many moons ago, when Brisbane was first established, the occupying British forces built a big castle dedicated to storing all their money. Occupying a block, it's an impressive, ornate old girl with a rumoured tunnel underneath that links to the Town Hall the next street over.

Hmmm...that'd be right, ferrying extra pennies to Council. Just goes to show that some things don't change.

Nowadays, the old Treasury building is the Conrad Treasury Casino with five star hotel rooms going for a very reasonable AUD$300 a night.

The Old Treasury Building
(now Treasury Casino)
George Street, Brisbane


 gmirage said...

this kind of colors really look elegant and classic! Vienna's palace has the same color and I was surprised that this one used to be a palace but is now a casino. =)

Shopfitters said...

brisbane has some incredible architecture. this building is beautiful.