Friday, January 18, 2008

Summer is....

Taking off your work clothes and going for a late evening swim.

Man made beach, Southbank, Brisbane City

Clearing your head on the ferry, watching the bats and swallows dip and listening to the currawong call to each other.

Rivercat en route to St Lucia, a suburb of Brisbane

The rampant growth of the blackberry bush, berries ripe for the magpie men feeding their young.

blackberry bush, my back yard

Long grass.
I haven't mowed in a while.

Mr Pentagon coming into the kitchen for a drink. Yes, he dips his head into the sink, lingers then leaves.

Male Huntsman spider, kitchen sink Brisbane
(known in other countries as the Housekeeping Spider)

Skies to get lost under.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs and thoughts. I had read that in Australia their are more bugs per foot squared that can kill you than anywhere else on earth but doubted it. Having seen your spiders I can see it is true :-)

Brisbane Daily Photo said...

Clarice, well when you put it like it sounds dramatic but these insects and spiders are not all found in the same place, they're spread out of thousands and thousands of miles - and this place is huge.

But in addition to the bug factor there's also snakes. Those found in Brisbane are not venomous.

Of the snakes I have encountered I have captured two on camera. They're missing this year as there's been too much rain. Given that you've said nice things about my blog, I'll chase them up for you.