Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meet our Martha

This is Martha, formerly Arthur until her sex was determined.
Resident python, she feeds on chook eggs and her yearly offspring are protected from those eager to steal them for their own gain.

Yes, unfortunately, pythons fetch a lucrative price both here and overseas.

In a pensive mood

She's like my year 4 teacher. Looks fierce and bites when you annoy her but underneath that scaly exterior (which she is shedding in this photo) lies a soft heart.

Checking out the camera


Rambling Round said... this python is a pet?

Ollie said...

Oh my God...

Brisbane Daily Photo said...

A pet? Definitely not. "our" is an affectionate term and not meant to imply possession.

Uma por Dia said...

But u know a lot about her live. I supose that she lives in you garde too :)