Monday, December 10, 2007

The World's Most Glamorous Delivery Bay

Tucked away at the less visited end of Adelaide Street in the heart of the city is a very ornate delivery bay. I'd go so far as to say it's the most glamorous in the world. Yes, yes, I know - Rome has some beautifully crafted delivery bays, toilets and parking signs but this delivery bay was devoid of graffiti and wee stains - quite a feat I feel.

I can't see this building on the public heritage register but that arch is the same as those found in former Commonwealth Buildings so I will poke around a bit more and see what I can find out. Either way, it's a dispatching area for the Red Cross now.

PM and Deputy PM at Customs House, Eagle Street, Brisbane

And last, but certainly not least (for we all know that politics is very important), a little footnote today: the bloke on the left is a Brisbane boy and a former neighbour, Kevin Rudd. He is now the Prime Minister of Australia. He was in Brisbane on Thursday at my favourite bookstore. Suffice to say, I was shoved aside by a zealous media who, saints alive, wanted to prove to the rest of the country that our new leader could read.

The woman next to him is Julia Gillard, an Adelaide girl (another great city) and from today, Australia's first ever FEMALE PRIME MINISTER albeit acting as Mr Rudd heads overseas.

I've never bothered about female quotas before but having met this woman in a prior life, I quite like her and something within me is just thrilled today. For her. For women.

Or maybe it's because she's promised to abolish unfair workplace laws brought in by the previous government.

Maybe it's just called hope that we'll all get a fair go this term.

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Annie said...

Hip hip hooray for progressive leadership and also for beautiful delivery bays.