Sunday, December 02, 2007


Land ahoy! Oh hang on, I just left there...

Hi there.

I've decided to start keeping a daily journal on the happenings in the city in which I live: sunny, sub tropical Brisbane in the State of Queensland down here in Australia. Also tagged Brisvegas this term is claimed by various parties. I first heard the tag in 1981 via a friend of my father's who was in the Army. He drove trucks often on long stints and used the term to make fun of the fact that it was a city situated in the middle of nowhere (as it pretty much was back then) and that hitting Brisbane after hours and hours on a lone stretch of highway "..was like ending up in Vegas."

While some find the term annoying, I like it. I find it actually suits the ever evolving presence Brisbane has had over the years and now that its population is booming, probably more apt now that it's ever been. I ended up in Brisbane ten years ago while travelling north to the Gulf of Carpentaria and the changes between then and now have simply been phenomenal. Sometimes I fear it's getting too big though. I miss that 'big town' feel it once had.

But aside from all that, Sundays are for sailing, which I regularly do on the ferry down the Brisbane River. I embark at North Quay and head whichever way the boat is going.

In Summer, the days do not fade until 7pm. The clouds are like cauliflower bulbs and the sky is flooded with the yellow gold of a lingering sun which leaves a pink stain as night strides in.

I love it here.

And I hope you do too.

The buoy on board the ferry - just in case you fall off. (Usually reserved for Friday nights after work...ahem).
Complete with peg bag for when the crew hang out their washing.


Hyde DP said...

welcome to the world of dp [that's unoffical by the way]. There's been a couple of Brisbane DPs before - the oldest still has accessible archives but the more recent one was alas deleted entirely deleted from the aether.

Hope to visit you agan soon.

Kate said...

I look forward to sharing the delight you exhibit about your city. I'll be back.