Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Watching the storm sail in and blow over.

Brisbane River

This photo was taken from the top of a building in North Quay which is a road that sits on the riverfront as winds on the outer rim of the CBD.

The first bridge you see is the William Jolley Bridge. William Jolley was Brisbane's first Lord Mayor. When the bridge opened in 1932 it was known as Grey Street Bridge because it joins Grey Street in South Brisbane to Roma Street which is on the western end of the CBD. It is a dual carriageway and the cars are going into the city. (Brisbane CBD is to the right of the photo).

The bridge behind it is the Merivale Bridge. It joins South Brisbane to Brisbane and is solely used for train crossings.

To the left of the photo is Southbank and then West End. Further inland is Highgate Hill. To the severe right of the photo is Brisbane and then Spring Hill, Brisbane's oldest suburb. Further down is Milton, further down again is Auchenflower.

I will be covering these suburbs in future postings.

Just think. In 1824 all this was a penal colony.


Jim Klenke said...

Super picture. I see the bridge is crowded, people trying to get home before the rain maybe?

Anonymous said...

Great photo. Where was it taken from? I love the City Cat - such a great way to get around. I lived at Highgate Hill for a while and used to take the Cat frequently - especially to get across the river.