Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Take the Long Way Home

It's lashing this evening. Precious droplets dress the trees and little torrents carouse the gutters. I decide to walk home, skin soaked by warm summer rain, enveloped by the night.

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Bettey said...

great yellow hue!

M.Benaut said...

Bonjour, 'Me',
and welcome to the world of D.P. blogging.
You live in one of Australia's most beautiful cities; perhaps the largest, too.

I do hope you derive pleasure from this new venture and enjoy the widely spread out family you have joined.

Thank you for all your kind comments on Adelaide D.P. especially the background on Carrick Hill.

There is always so much to report on these subject, and it's hard to know when too much information is not enough !!

Eric, in Paris seems to limit his commentary to about 6 lines. This has the effect of his commenters finishing off the wide and more varied details. That seems to be how people like to participate. On the other hand, I think that sometimes I include too much.

I certainly value your information in your comment and will post some inside photos of Carrick Hill, one day too.

Good luck and happy travels,

M. Benaut